Grooming Spa Menu
All Pet clients are put at ease with the touch of Reiki during the bathing and grooming
process.  Calming aromatherapy and relaxing music infuse the room during the Spa

Your Pets aura and chakras are checked at the beginning and end of the appointment
to ensure your Pet is balanced.  You will receive a card indicating my findings.  Please
take a look at the Dog Chakra and Auric System page for more information.

Basic Spa Package  $25.00 and up includes:

-Bath using all Natural ingredients made in the USA.  Most products are
-Cut to Basic Client Requests.  No Show Cuts
-Nail Trim
-Ear Hair Trim (if requested)
-External Anal Glands Expressed if needed
-All Spa Packages Include Infused Reiki Treatment

A La Carte Spa Services Available:

-$5.00        Nail Trim (All 4 Paws)                                                      
-$3.00        Ear Cleaning                                                                   
-$3.00        Teeth Cleaning with Toothbrush                                  
-$7.00        External Anal Expression                                              
-$8.00        Paw-dicure                                                                    
 Includes: Nail Trim, Toe Fur Trim, Toe Conditioning
-$5.00        Nail read right!   

Referral Program

Refer a new client, have them mention your name and you receive a
discount on your next Spa appointment.

Frequent Grooming Program

Pay in Full for 4 Basic Spa Packages and receive your 5th one Free !