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-Dog Sitting  $25.00 and up for an overnight stay

There is nothing like the comfort of one's own home.  Why not keep your Pet
safely at home while you enjoy your vacation?
Less stress for you and less stress for your Pet.

-Flower Essence Energy  $10.00

Homeopathic treatments such as Flower Essence work on restoring the balance in
your body's energy fields. It can also work on your Pets.
There are seven categories Flower Essence can help to remedy:
Fear-Uncertainty-Disinterest-Loneliness-Oversensitivity-Despair-Overly Concerned
for Other's Welfare.

-Essential Oil Energy  $15.00

Like Flower Essence, Essential Oils can help you and your Pet by stimulating the
brain in a variety of ways such as relieving tension, relieve headaches, improve
digestion and more.

-Crystal Therapy  is included with the Reiki session.

Crystals have unique vibrations, colors, and electrical charges.  They interact with
the body's energy fields and chakras (energy centers) to bring the body back into
balance.  Since crystals are so easy to use and non invasive they are also good for
your Pets.  

-Photonic Therapy  $25.00  ( 1/2 hour session)

Therapy involves the placement of light (not laser) to specific areas of the body in
order to stimulate the body's own capacity to reduce pain, increase the immune
system and promote healing.

The Flower Essence, Essential Oil and Crystal Therapies call all be used
in combination or separately.  As always, if you have any questions, please
call me or send me an email on the Contact Page.