-For Pets

1 Hour Animal Reiki Communication Session  $40.00

-For People

1 Hour People Reiki Treatment $40.00

-Learn Reiki

I am an Usui Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner and a Member of the
International Association of Reiki Professionals. All sessions are taught one on one in my
home.  It is a very personal and spiritual journey.

Level I  $150.00
Introduction to Reiki's history and application. By the end of Level I
your will have opened your palms to receive and be able to perform basic Reiki on yourself,
family, friends and even your Pets.

Level II  $150.00
This next level will teach you how to balance auras and chakras.  It will also introduce you to
the proper use of the Pendulum.

Level III  $225.00
This final session will strengthen your ability to balance both in person and from a distance.  
It will pull together the Universal Energy at your disposal in order for you to become a
Master Reiki Practitioner.

-Help for Lost Animals

I have had some success in locating lost animals and guiding them home or assisting you in
finding them.  I use a combination of skills including long distance Reiki.  Prices vary
depending on the length of time I spend on the case.
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