What Is Reiki ?
Reiki is an ancient healing touch technique that dates back 4,000 years.  It was
rediscovered in the 19th Century by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan.  The word Reiki means
Universal Life Force.  

Reiki works by identifying with the bodies disruption in energy flow and gently clears the
blockage.  I use my hands to gently channel the universal energy to the greater good of
the client.  

The benefits of Reiki include, stress reduction, it can help improve the immune system,
reduce the effects of depression and spark creativity and inspire courage to face the root
cause of problems you may be facing.

Reiki can benefit any age group, from infants, to seniors and can offer relief with the
stress of Grief and the Anxiety experienced with Cancer treatment.

Reiki also benefits our Pets too, and I offer a variety of treatments for your Pets. In
addition to the above listed benefits, for Pets, it also helps with behavioral issues, fear,
and I can offer them a heads up for a situation that help them to cope such as divorce,
new baby or upcoming vacations.

I also offer long distance treatments.

I do require that you complete a Consultation Form and a sign a consent and waiver prior
to any session.  For long distance treatment, I do require a photo.  Please send me a
message on the contact page if you are interested in learning more about Reiki treatment
for you or your pet.

In addition to offering Reiki Treatment to you and your Pet, I also offer Reiki training in
one on one sessions.  

Check out my
Other Services Page for Costs and Descriptions of Services.
Disclaimer: No alternative modality is to be construed as a
replacement for proper medical care, proper nutrition or exercise.